Let the Europe hear the Voice of China (1)

21 Apr

During the period of nearly two years, my messenger status has always been “Let the Europe hear the voice of China”

In 2009, I happened to hear the song “Believe” by Dima Bilan, thus started to have a greater interest in the Eurovision Song Contest than never before. I’ve never imagined that the art and the nations could share such a passionate and harmonious confluence. I may never understand the feeling of an European citizen flying the flag of his/her own country watching the Contest of the entire European continent.

One sees no difference between big and small countries right here, we may come to know all the music legend of such countries as Luxembourg, Monaco and Azerbaijan.

Here the languages are no longer a barrier, and the music turns out to be bridges to unite the whole Europe. There may be difference between languages, but absolutely isn’t a single boundary for the music. One can sing out loud in his/her own voice and attract the attention of all over the world. The songs of the Eurovision Song Contest, for me, are actually a beauty that we may never understand, but would like to listen to it repeatedly.

There appears to be no difference between nations and races, No matter you’re from the Islands of Great Britain, or the beautiful Balkan Peninsula, or even the passionate Iberian land. Open your mouth, just sing and express your love towards the music, as if the whole world belonged to you, and all the nations come to a great confluence.

I love the rock and pops of the Northern Europe countries, which make me high

I love the beauties and the dances of the Eastern Europe, which make me happy and rock.

I love the folkloric songs of the Balkan, and their stars on the stage.

I miss the chansons by the River of the Seine, as they have been tranquilizing me.

I’m also fond of the gentle music from the British Islands, its gentle characters make my heart colourful.


During the period of two nearly years, I’ve been administrating the Eurovision-theme Baidu Postbar, Youku (Chinese video website, functioning like youtube) music Channel, Renren webpage (Chinese-styled Facebook). I’ve never been paid a single dollar for all that, I’m marching forward for this cause just because my affection towards Eurovision Song Contest, and the other Chinese Eurovision fans that are always walking by my side.

Perhaps, we’ll never hear this voice of Europe in our ancient orient country.

Perhaps, one day, our next generations may have an Internet with unlimited access, waiting for this Eurovision Song Contest nationwide, just like they’re waiting for the European Football Championship with great passion at this time. We may become blocks of this foundation soil, poor, unknown, but important, because this means a start of a great work.

Now matter how the future of the Eurovision in China will be, the songs of the Contest make us so happy,

Now matter how we, the forerunners of the Chinese Eurovision Fans, will be in the future, our hearts will go wherever the music stands.

Perhaps we will never be able to write such a magnificent China-European Song, but we, all the Chinese fans of the Eurovision Song Contest, believe that, each of us will join the splendid opus of the work by becoming single notes of the great music of friendship.


Written by fortremois, administrator of the biggest Eurovision forum of China, originally in Chinese.

Our forum website: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%C5%B7%D6%DE%B8%E8%B3%AA%B4%F3%C8%FC


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