A Hard Timeline of a Chinese Eurofan

2 May
  • Late July/August – January           Keep refreshing Eurovision.tv to know how many countries have                      confirmed their participation.
  • February – March                  As the songs released, he wants to have a preview, listening to all of these, but sorry, as youtube is blocked in China, he can’t possibly watch any video about them. Well, he gets some software for help, he succeeds, and in a certain way downloads all of them at a <10k/s low speed, and then upload them onto Chinese video website, and call friends to have a look. Esctoday and escdaily won’t work either, as they all link to youtube.
  • March                                 As all of the songs confirmed, he searches through all the Internet to find out a source to download an album of all the songs. He listens to them all the days and imagines how he could vote if he were an European.
  • April – May                          He logs on to ESC-theme forums, foreign or Chinese, to talk about the entries of this year with friends in the Internet that he may never see them face to face through all his life. He also talks about the ESC with his friends, receiving their doubting look: What is Eurovision?
  • May                                   Finally the big shows arrive. But they start at 3 a.m. Beijing Time. He barely can open his eyes as he’s so sleepy. He turns on his TV but no…! As there are still no foreign satellite TV Station permitted in China, he can’t really watch the show Live. He turns on to the Internet, but the speed is sometimes slow and buffering is more necessary than never. Finally, he fell asleep, leaving in the screen of his laptop a certain participant standing still in the stage.
  • Late May to early June        With Netizens they talked about the show. He really admires his friends who are out of China as they are describing the show so vividly. He asks his friends in China if in Emule one can finally find a video of the show to download.
  • Late June                           A video is available to download in the Emule! So he opens the software and keeps his computer open for days to finish the download and be able to enjoy the show eventually.
  • Early July                          He smiles and says to himself, wow… That’s the great show for this year, let’s expect the next Euroshow! 

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