Introduction of Our Top Eurofan —- Fortremois

3 May


Mr. FAN Ch.
Birthday: January 22, 1991
City: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China
Started his Eurolife in 2009
His favorite entries:
Ireland:the voice ,why me,lipstick,waterline
Britain:Gina G-just a little bit,it’s my time
Deutschland:Dschinghis Khan-Dschinghis Khan ,Lena-Satellite,Gracia-run and hide, Lena-taken by a stranger ,disappear,miss kiss
France:sognu,je N’ai Que Mon Ame,aller olla ole,echo
Monaco:love is blue
Czeck Republice:Tereza Kerndlova-have some fun
Albania:carry me with your dream,it is all about u
Belgium:Iris-would u?,me and my guitar
Greece:Anna Vissi-everything,this is our night,shake it,my seret combination,die for u
Moldova:Loca,fight,run away
Russia:never let u go,believe,believe me,song number 1,nobody can hurt,Ne Ver Ne Boysia Ne Prosi
Israel:Shiri Maymon-all what was left is silence
Spain:the night is for me、i love u mi vida
Denmark:in a moment like this,Should’ve known better,all night long
Armenia:aipricot stone、boom boom、qele
Norway:fairytale,stay,hold on be strong
BAH:thunder and lightning
Aze:drip drop
Lativia:beautiful song,what for
Ukrain:show me ur love,be my valentine,wild dance,angel,shady lady,
Cyprus:firefly,la la love,life looks better in spring
Hungary:dance with me
Iceland:is it true?,never forget
Mongtenegro:just get out of my life
Romania:balkan girl,play with fire,
Sweden:la voix,popular,hero,euphoria
SWI:Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi
Turkey:every way that i can,dum tek tek,we could be the same
Belarus:work ur magic,i love Belarus
and so on“““`too many good songs“`
beautiful song
Euronote: In 2009, I happened to have an opportunity to watch the Music Video of Believe by Dima Bilan and found my favorite skater Evgeni Plushenko in it! I started to believe that it is so awesome to represent a country with a piece of music. Soon, I fell in love with this great annual gala. Two weeks later, I bought the official DVD of Eurovision 2008 y 2009 and spent a whole night watching them. Also in 2009, I translated all the key Eurovision facts in Chinese and applied for a Baidu postbar (forum) with the theme of Eurovision, which is still active now.
Personal Comment:
i love euro~
Czech is my favorite country~if possible,i wanna marry a euro girl one day~
His vote:
12  Sweden
10  Greece
8  Iceland
7  Austria
6  Latvia
5  France
4  Belgium
3  Germany
2  Hungary
1  Denmark

2 Responses to “Introduction of Our Top Eurofan —- Fortremois”

  1. Tobias Larsson May 3, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    Thanks for the introduction! You seem to be a very keen follower of the contest! How many years back do you know the ESC and the songs before 2008?

    • chinaescfans May 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

      Keen followers will think of all the ways possible to get songs of Eurovision from as far as 1960s. I’m not Fortremois but I have some songs dated back to 1960s, I think Fortremois has, too.

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