Chinese Eurovision Curse? Not Really

28 May

It’s the first time ever that Chinese Eurofans have the opportunity to give their 1 to 12 points to the entries of the Contest. 28 Chinese fans had their votes count. This is a rather satisfactory participation since we don’t have so many Eurovision fans as we just started. Our Top 10 is as follows with their real rank in the contest noted in the parenthesis.

1. Iceland (20)

2. Sweden (1)

3. Greece (17)

4. Spain (10)

5. Romania (12)

6. Cyprus (16)

7. United Kingdom (25)

8. Serbia (3)

9. Bosnia and Herzegovina (18)

10. Ireland (19)

Some commented that there may be a Chinese Eurovision Curse that entries listed in the Top 10 in China may not be able to get a good result in the Contest. But we would argue that our votes may be more reasonable than that of many countries. We’re dreaming of one day Eurovision may consider the votes of our country, which is free of block voting or political voting (if there really is).

The only China’s neighbour taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest so far is Russia. However, Russia finished 14th in our votes.


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