Our Opinion about the Alleged Country Exclusion of ESC

30 May

http://www.dn.se/kultur-noje/musik/diktaturerna-ska-ut-ur-schlager-em (Swedish)

http://eurovisiontimes.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/eurovision-2013-new-rules-may-exclude-belarus-azerbaijan/ (English)

Recently, there are reports indicating that several countries have proposed that EBU ban countries like Azerbaijan, Belarus, or even Russia for no respecting democratic and human rights values (see above for details). We Chinese ESC Fans are totally disagree with this proposal and sincerely hope that EBU not force countries like Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, that usually send good entries, withdraw eternally from the Contest.

We know that freedom of expression is the inalienable part of human rights. We can express with words, articles, newspapers, and also express with songs and music. Banning these countries from the Contest seems to be a way of defending the human rights, but actually, it’s a way against the free speech and human rights defense. Banning them from the Eurostage is just a way of silencing the artists of the countries just like their governments are currently doing. In our humble opinion, to some degree, those who require the prohibition of these countries are acting almost the same like the dictatorships.

To those dictatorship-ruled countries, the best way is to change them, not to expel them. The United Nations doesn’t exclude these countries, nor does EBU itself. We know that Eurovision played quite a role in ending Salazar’s rule in Portugal, so why can’t it be changing another country? We know that Pope’s John Paul II’s visit to Poland boosted the Revolution in the end of 1980s in that country that terminated the Communist Party rule, and the current Pope was visiting Cuba, but what if the Popes refused to visit a country with dictatorship?

Loreen and Anke’s message to Baku is clear, but if Azerbaijan is banned, can their voice be heard again in that country? Always remember that exclusion is another kind of discrimination, which the human rights value is fighting against. The exclusion of these countries is the best way of politicizing the Contest.

We should not punish the artists under dictator rule in this way for the wrongdoing of their government, especially when their dictators is by no means elected by their people. 

If someone think that China is itself a dictatorship, so we can’t talk about human rights here. Please don’t think this way. Living under dictatorship only make you eager more for the human rights. Our leader is not elected directly by us, so they may not be talking about human rights but we’d like to. When we say “we”, we refer to all the Chinese artists, music fans, and all the Chinese eyes currently looking at what is happening in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Some may think that the exclusion is good for eliminating block votes. This is not right. Block voting also exists in non-former-soviet country, such as Greece-Cyprus, Romania-Moldova, that always gave each other 12 points. The reason of block voting is more cultural than political. Some people with almost the same culture background may vote for each other. Even if you can expel a regime, you can’t expel a certain kind of culture. We must learn to face to the block voting, not just try to eliminate it.

By Chinese Eurofans, Midnight of May 31, 2012.


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