The Best Eurovision Songs 2004-2012 for Chinese ESC Fans

21 Jun

The Chinese ESC Fans are voting to decide the best Eurovision Songs 2004-2012 for them. The entries that have got most votes by countries are: 

Austria – The Secret of Love

Germany – Satellite

United Kingdom – I Can

Montenegro – Just get out of my life

Malta – Angel

Andorra – La teva decisió

Monaco – Tout de Moi

Belarus – I Love Belarus, We´re the Heroes (tie)

Iceland – Never Forget

Albania – Carry me in your dreams

Belgium – Me and my guitar

Portugal – Há dias assim

Norway – Fairytale

Georgia – One More Day

Czech Republic – Have Some Fun

Slovakia – Don´t close your eyes

Hungary – What about my dreams, The Sound of our hearts, Forogj világ (tie)

Bulgaria – Na inat

Slovenia – No One

France – Sognu

Israel – Silence that remains, There must be another way (tie)

Ukraine – Wild Dances

FYR Macedonia – Jas ja imam silata

Lithuania – Love

Latvia – Beautiful Song

Estonia – Rändajad

Russia – Believe

Croatia – Lako je sve

The Netherlands – Never Alone

Finland – Hard Rock Hallelujah

Moldova – Hora din Moldova

Cyprus – La La Love

Greece – Secret Combination

Serbia – Molitva

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Lejla, Thunder and Lightning, Korake ti znam (tie)

Switzerland – Cool Vibes, Era Stupendo, In Love for a While (tie)

Sweden – Euphoria

Spain – Quédate Conmigo

Ireland – It´s for you

Turkey – Düm Tek Tek

Romania – Playing with Fire

Armenia – Qele Qele

Azerbaijan – Drip Drop

Italy – L´amore é femmina

San Marino – Stand By

Poland – Czarna Dziewczyna



Group 1

– Never Forget (Iceland)

– Euphoria (Sweden)

– Sognu (France)

– Czarna Dziewczyna (Poland)

– Satellite (Germany)

Group 2

– Lane Moje (Serbia)

– Oro (Serbia)

– No One (Slovenia)

– Molitva (Serbia)

– Angel (Malta)

Group 3 (Nomination Group)

– Is it true (Iceland, nomination)

– Nije Ljubav Stvar (Serbia, nomination)

– Always (Azerbaijan, nomination)

Group 4

– Moldova (Hora din Moldova)

– Wild Dances (Ukraine)

– Believe (Russia)


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