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Confirmed: Loreen will perform in China

29 Dec

Loreen has confirmed that she will be performing in China in the carnival New Year Gala organized by the Hubei Television (HBTV). This also confirmed the earlier reports and posts of the TV Station released days ago. Chinese ESC Fans are ready to tell you more details about the Gala, and have the honour to remind you that the Gala will take place on January 1, 2013 at 19:30 Beijing Time (11:30 GMT). You may watch the webcast online here:

The Gala is designed as a West-Meets-East singers’ performance. Several famous Chinese singers will also be taking part such as Shang Wenjie, Jike Junyi, He Jie and Chen Chusheng and many others.

Shang Wenjie was born in Dec. 22, 1982 and won Super Voice Girl in 2006. Her major in university was French language so she is really good at singing French songs.

Jike Junyi, born on May 13, 1988, rose to fame through her outstanding participation of the Voice of China in 2012. Recently she released her new single “Colourful Black”.

He Jie, born in March 1986 participated in the first edition of Super Voice Girl in 2005 and was placed 4th. However she gained more success thereafter and now is nicknamed as the Tiny Queen of Love Songs.

Chen Chusheng, born in July 1981, champion of the 2007 Super Voice for Boys, has been a specialist of guitar playing since he was very young. Yao Beina, Champion of the Chinese Youth Song Contest 2008, also confirmed her participation.

Here you can see the performance of the participants by clicking on the Internet addresses:

Jike Junyi – Caise De Hei (Colourful Black):

Shang Wenjie – Alien:

Chen Chusheng – Addiction:

He Jie – Don’t Say Sorry To Me:





Loreen Travelling to China?

23 Dec

Source from Hubei TV, China indicates that it is organizing a great gala around New Year in which several singers from China and around the world will perform their more famous and excellent songs. LOREEN appeared in the list of invited together with several famous Chinese singers like Shang Wenjie, He Jie, Jike Junyi, etc, who rose to fame through their outstanding performance in various song contests (including for example, Voice of China) organized by television medias in China.

We transmitted days ago this piece of news through our twitter (@escfans_china), and are waiting for the confirmation of Loreen. Until now we haven’t receive any confirmation from Loreen.


Picture: Loreen, together with other singers from China and the world, appears in the post of Hubei TV for the New Year Gala