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China’s Broadcasting of Eurovision 2013: More Details

30 Sep

Days ago, our blog has stated that the Music Channel of China’s Central Television (CCTV-MUSIC or CCTV-15) will be broadcasting the Eurovision semifinals during the first week of October. Today more details have been released.

On 5th October, CCTV-15 will broadcast ESC 2013 1st Semifinal twice at 1435 hours and 2154 hours Beijing Time.

On 6th October, 2nd Semifinal will be broadcast twice at 1435 and 2224 hours Beijing Time

On 7th October, the Grand Final will be on air at 1440 and 2224 hours Beijing Time, the program list inform that the broadcast of Grand Final can last until 0200 hours Beijing Time or so, so it seems that the voting procedure will be shown as well.

Lang Kun, General Supervisor of the CCTV Music Channel afirmed that, China’s television and music industry personnels should learn from the methods of the management and transmission of the Eurovision Song Contest. We can conclude that, while the contents of the programs are important, it is even more important to learn “how to organize them”. Only by improving the quality of a program, increasing its creativity and integrity, can it be gaining good rating and fame. As the only associated member of EBU in China, CCTV-15 will continue the broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest, aiming at promoting the popularity and influence of the cultural event masterpiece.

You can watch CCTV-15 live here at



Exclusive: ESC 2013 Rebroadcasting due in China

27 Sep

Accounts of sina weibo (The alternative of Twitter in China) of some internal figures in the radio-television field of China told @escfans_china that the Music Channel of Chinese Central Television (CCTV-MUSIC or CCTV-15) will rebroadcast Eurovision 2013 on 5th and 6th of October at 2200 hours Beijing Time (GMT+8).

Chinese people will enjoy annual National Day holiday from 1 to 7 of October, and moreover, night hours after 20:00 are considered as “Golden Hours” with higher rate of Chinese viewers. After this broadcast, and with the rumour that Emmelie de Forest, ESC 2013 winner, may travel to China sometime in the next six months, we expect a big boost of ESC 2013 popularity here in China.

However, it remains to be seen whether sensitive moments of ESC 2013 performance, for example, Finnish representative Krista Siegfrids’ lesbian-style kiss, will be censored or not, and in which way if it will be.