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China Eurovision Emission: Krista Kiss Censored

6 Oct

Hours earlier, the CCTV-15 aired Eurovision 2013 Semifinal 2, but the moment that Finnish representative Krista Siegfrids kissed one of her vocals after having performed her song “Marry Me” was censored and completely cut. Many active Chinese Eurovision Fans, despite of not being gay or lesbian, protested the censorship in the comment of CCTV-15’s official Sina Weibo (a popular twitter alternative of China).

Despite the fact that the historical records of homosexual activity can date back to some 4,000 years ago, homosexuality still seems to be something new and curious in China’s society due to China’s decades-lasting economic and cultural closure from late Qing Dynasty (19th Century) to the reign of Mao. HIV AIDS is another case of this kind. China discovered the first case of HIV AIDS no earlier than 1980s, and the very case was an Argentinian tourist rather than a fellow Chinese.

In China, homosexuality is never ruled ilegal, but used to be considered as mental problem or persons and activities against morality. Fortunately, as time goes by, a strong sense of tolerance towards homosexuality appeared among young generation, In some major cities of China, open gay/les meeting parks and public places (bars, discos etc.) have appeared without any intervention of police forces and straight persons. According to the recent statistics, the homosexual population in China has reached some 36 to 48 million. At the same time, more and more homosexual sites also appeared, and most importantly, uncensored.

Despite of the increasing tolerance towards homosexuality, China’s Central Television, as state-run TV Channels broadcasting for 1.3 billion viewers, opted to be prudent towards homosexual content of the TV programs. This censorship is not a surprise for us. We believe that, a social tolerance to homosexuality of a society of the most populated country in the world, is a matter of time, but cannot achieve in one night.