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China: Participation of ESC 2016 Possible

22 May

Yesterday a piece of news in China Daily website reads that Hunan TV, the broadcaster which for the first time in China’s history broadcasted live both semifinals and the Grand Final, may actually participate in it for the next edition.

Hong Tao, Director of China’s song contest “I’m A Singer”, together with the musical supervisor of the program Liang Qiaobo and specialist of music industry Wu Zhoutong is currently working in Vienna’s Eurovillage. Liang and Wu are working as commentators during the live broadcasting of ESC 2015 of Hunan TV.

Meanwhile, it is said by well-informed personnel that Hong Tao has been in Vienna with a mysterious mission. After the live broadcasting of Semifinal 1, a large number of viewers expressed their hope that the champion of the Season 4 of “I’m A Singer” would take part in the 61st Edition of ESC representing China. For this very purpose, Hunan TV is “in close contact with EBU“.

You can read the whole article in Chinese here:


China’s Vote for ESC 2015: Sweden Wins By Small Margin

18 May

China’s vote for ESC 2015 ended today with a Swedish win by a margin of 14 points over Italy. 109 votes from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were casted via our official Sina Weibo account as well as Baidu Postbar, which increased greatly compared to last year’s 60 due to significant improvement of popularity of not only the ESC itself but also our weibo account in China.

This year participants of the voting went on giving their votes in a 1-8, 10 and 12 ESC classical mode.

This year we made voting deadline later than last year and allowed voting modification until last minute of deadline to make the voting result more objective and more affected by the participants’ rehearsal performance. The most positively affected countries through rehearsal are Norway, Georgia, Sweden, Albania and Azerbaijan, each gained more than 10 extra points with the modification of some votes. The most negatively affected country after rehearsal is Portugal, which lost 5 points and was placed last. Countries like Israel, Germany etc. all lost some points after rehearsal, although Germany was still placed 5th without any change.

Here is the Final Result of China’s vote for this edition of Eurovision Song Contest:

TOP 10:

1 – Sweden, 521 pts

2 – Italy, 507

3 – Estonia, 474

4 – Slovenia, 315

5 – Germany, 266

6 – Iceland, 249

7 – Azerbaijan, 238

8 – Norway, 236

9 – Australia, 220

10 – Albania, 213


11-20 places:


11 – Belarus, 209

12 – Macedonia, 200

13 – Spain, 175

14 – Russia, 167

15 – Belgium, 166

16 – Romania, 154

17 – France, 132

18 – United Kingdom, 122

19 – Cyprus, 120

20 – Israel, 117


21-30 places


21 – Hungary, 111

22 – Armenia, 102

23 – Ireland, 95

24 – Poland, 93

25 – Malta, 87 (2 sets of 12 pts)

26 – Switzerland, 87 (0 set of 12 pts)

27 – Denmark, 76

28 – Netherlands, 76

29 – Moldova, 73

30 – Georgia, 72


Last 10 places:


31 – Finland, 71 (2 sets of 12 pts)

32 – Greece, 71 (1 set of 12 pts)

33 – Serbia, 68

34 – Czech Republic, 62

35 – Montenegro, 61

36 – San Marino, 55

37 – Latvia, 47

38 – Austria, 39

39 – Lithuania, 29

40 – Portugal, 28


Number of 12-point sets:

More than 10: Sweden (19), Italy (14), Estonia (12)

5-9: Slovenia (9), Albania (7), Belgium (5)

Four sets of 12-points: Norway, Australia

Three sets of 12 points: Iceland, Spain, Russia

Two sets of 12 points: Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Finland

One set of 12 points: Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Israel, Hungary, Armenia, Ireland, Georgia, Greece, Serbia, Czech Republic, San Marino, Latvia

Eurovision 2015: 100 Million More Viewers?

14 May

The official Sina Weibo account of Hunan TV revealed that its Music Channel will BROADCAST ESC 2015 both semifinals and Grand Final LIVE, despite that they will be held at 03:00 after midnight Beijing Time. It will mark the first time that a mainland Chinese TV channel broadcast Eurovision LIVE, although CCTV’s Music Channel has already broadcasted ESC 2012 and 2013 with delay.

Hunan TV is the second-viewed Chinese TV channel, but it is famous for its satellite channel rather than other channels, much fewer people may have access to its Music Channel. However, as Hunan is a province with more than 60 Million population, its broadcasting will still be a great increase of the number of viewers of Eurovision 2015.

Moreover, in fact, this piece of great news is still a good relief for the Eurovision Fans in mainland China as it means that direct ONLINE watching of ESC without logging on to a foreign website (which may be exposed to China’s GFW system) will be for the first time possible, as those who want to watch will not have to download plug-ins, which may be victim of China’s Internet-blocking system, and suffer from constant buffering and bad speed.

So, this decision of Hunan TV, despite a television channel, actually benefits China’s Internet navigators more than TV viewers. regardless of the way people watch the great show, it will be considered as a big progress that has been made for the popularization of ESC events in the remote China (in the Europeans’ eyes).