Eurovision 2015: 100 Million More Viewers?

14 May

The official Sina Weibo account of Hunan TV revealed that its Music Channel will BROADCAST ESC 2015 both semifinals and Grand Final LIVE, despite that they will be held at 03:00 after midnight Beijing Time. It will mark the first time that a mainland Chinese TV channel broadcast Eurovision LIVE, although CCTV’s Music Channel has already broadcasted ESC 2012 and 2013 with delay.

Hunan TV is the second-viewed Chinese TV channel, but it is famous for its satellite channel rather than other channels, much fewer people may have access to its Music Channel. However, as Hunan is a province with more than 60 Million population, its broadcasting will still be a great increase of the number of viewers of Eurovision 2015.

Moreover, in fact, this piece of great news is still a good relief for the Eurovision Fans in mainland China as it means that direct ONLINE watching of ESC without logging on to a foreign website (which may be exposed to China’s GFW system) will be for the first time possible, as those who want to watch will not have to download plug-ins, which may be victim of China’s Internet-blocking system, and suffer from constant buffering and bad speed.

So, this decision of Hunan TV, despite a television channel, actually benefits China’s Internet navigators more than TV viewers. regardless of the way people watch the great show, it will be considered as a big progress that has been made for the popularization of ESC events in the remote China (in the Europeans’ eyes).


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