Hi, there, Greetings to all the visitors:

You are currently visiting the only website of the Chinese Eurovision Song Contest Fans.

We Chinese Eurovision Contest Fans started our pace in the March of 2011, when we successfully applied two ESC-theme Baidu Postbars. We have more than 290 IDs registered in the two postbars. Considering that some of the IDs are inactive, or sometimes several ID may belong to a single person. We think that the number of our fans may be more than 120 (some fans may not know that there’s such a forum).

This is a website showing what the Chinese ESC Fans are thinking about on the annual European great show, and their expectations about it. We are updating the site regularly and putting on the news that is happening among us the quickly the possible. Also, We have recently registered a twitter account of ours (@escfans_china). The twitter account and this blog are administrated by a Chinese ESC Fan currently working in La Paz, Bolivia, since both twitter and wordpress are blocked in Mainland China. Meanwhile, our Baidu Postbar is run by the other fans in China (http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%C5%B7%D6%DE%B8%E8%B3%AA%B4%F3%C8%FC). The articles of this blog will be written in English, and the tweets may be posted in English and Spanish, and French in the near future, as we have found French learners among us Fans.

Currently, the broadcast of Eurovision here in China is very poor. Live broadcast of ESC through television continues to be a dream, and Internet livecast is terrible for some of our Fans due to the relatively slow speed of the internet. Many Fans have to watch the downloaded videos after the Contest of each year ends. As a result, currently few people knows about the annual European Big Show, but in this year, the anecdote of the Russian Grannies increased the cover of ESC in the news channel of our media. This may have been an opportunity for the people from the historic orient country to start to keep an eye on this big Concourse of Songs.

Our mission is to let Europe know that they have their Fans here in the remote China, and also let our compatriots learn that there is such a splendid show in the Europe that is held annually for more than half a century. In a word, We’d like to let Europe hear the voice of China, and vice versa.

We’d like to give a warm welcome to all the visitors of our website and all the twitter accounts that are following us, and also, all our supporters from all over the world.


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