China Eurovision Emission: Krista Kiss Censored

6 Oct

Hours earlier, the CCTV-15 aired Eurovision 2013 Semifinal 2, but the moment that Finnish representative Krista Siegfrids kissed one of her vocals after having performed her song “Marry Me” was censored and completely cut. Many active Chinese Eurovision Fans, despite of not being gay or lesbian, protested the censorship in the comment of CCTV-15’s official Sina Weibo (a popular twitter alternative of China).

Despite the fact that the historical records of homosexual activity can date back to some 4,000 years ago, homosexuality still seems to be something new and curious in China’s society due to China’s decades-lasting economic and cultural closure from late Qing Dynasty (19th Century) to the reign of Mao. HIV AIDS is another case of this kind. China discovered the first case of HIV AIDS no earlier than 1980s, and the very case was an Argentinian tourist rather than a fellow Chinese.

In China, homosexuality is never ruled ilegal, but used to be considered as mental problem or persons and activities against morality. Fortunately, as time goes by, a strong sense of tolerance towards homosexuality appeared among young generation, In some major cities of China, open gay/les meeting parks and public places (bars, discos etc.) have appeared without any intervention of police forces and straight persons. According to the recent statistics, the homosexual population in China has reached some 36 to 48 million. At the same time, more and more homosexual sites also appeared, and most importantly, uncensored.

Despite of the increasing tolerance towards homosexuality, China’s Central Television, as state-run TV Channels broadcasting for 1.3 billion viewers, opted to be prudent towards homosexual content of the TV programs. This censorship is not a surprise for us. We believe that, a social tolerance to homosexuality of a society of the most populated country in the world, is a matter of time, but cannot achieve in one night.


China’s Broadcasting of Eurovision 2013: More Details

30 Sep

Days ago, our blog has stated that the Music Channel of China’s Central Television (CCTV-MUSIC or CCTV-15) will be broadcasting the Eurovision semifinals during the first week of October. Today more details have been released.

On 5th October, CCTV-15 will broadcast ESC 2013 1st Semifinal twice at 1435 hours and 2154 hours Beijing Time.

On 6th October, 2nd Semifinal will be broadcast twice at 1435 and 2224 hours Beijing Time

On 7th October, the Grand Final will be on air at 1440 and 2224 hours Beijing Time, the program list inform that the broadcast of Grand Final can last until 0200 hours Beijing Time or so, so it seems that the voting procedure will be shown as well.

Lang Kun, General Supervisor of the CCTV Music Channel afirmed that, China’s television and music industry personnels should learn from the methods of the management and transmission of the Eurovision Song Contest. We can conclude that, while the contents of the programs are important, it is even more important to learn “how to organize them”. Only by improving the quality of a program, increasing its creativity and integrity, can it be gaining good rating and fame. As the only associated member of EBU in China, CCTV-15 will continue the broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest, aiming at promoting the popularity and influence of the cultural event masterpiece.

You can watch CCTV-15 live here at


Exclusive: ESC 2013 Rebroadcasting due in China

27 Sep

Accounts of sina weibo (The alternative of Twitter in China) of some internal figures in the radio-television field of China told @escfans_china that the Music Channel of Chinese Central Television (CCTV-MUSIC or CCTV-15) will rebroadcast Eurovision 2013 on 5th and 6th of October at 2200 hours Beijing Time (GMT+8).

Chinese people will enjoy annual National Day holiday from 1 to 7 of October, and moreover, night hours after 20:00 are considered as “Golden Hours” with higher rate of Chinese viewers. After this broadcast, and with the rumour that Emmelie de Forest, ESC 2013 winner, may travel to China sometime in the next six months, we expect a big boost of ESC 2013 popularity here in China.

However, it remains to be seen whether sensitive moments of ESC 2013 performance, for example, Finnish representative Krista Siegfrids’ lesbian-style kiss, will be censored or not, and in which way if it will be.

Eurovision Second Chance Contest 2013 in China

5 Jun

Chinese ESC Fans is voting in the Second Chance Contest 2013 organized by us rather than the OGAE. Even the entries we have selected are slightly different from OGAE Second Contest entries. A list of entries can be seen below:

Austria:Yela – Feels Like Home
Denmark:Mohamed Ali – Unbreakable
Estonia:Grete Paia – Paastke Noored Hinged
Ukraine:Dasha Medova – Don’t Wanna Be Alone
Belarus:Nuteki – Save Me
Belgium:Roberto Bellarosa – Reste Toi
Ireland:Aimee Fitzpatrick – Crashing Down
Lithuania:Girmante Vaitkute – Time To Shine
Moldova:Boris Covali – Runaways
Serbia:Dusan Svilar – Spas
Azerbaijan:Ravana Aliyeva – Lovely King
Bulgaria:Elitsa & Stoyan – Kismet
Finland:Mikael Saari – We Should Be Through
Iceland:Unnur Eggertsdottir – Eg Syng!
Latvia:Samanta Tina – I Need A Hero
Malta:Kevin Borg – Needing You
Albania:Anjeza Shahini – Love
Armenia:Gor Sujyan – Toy Planet
Greece:Alex Leon ft. Giorgina – Angel
Hungary:Gigi Radics – Ugy Faj
Israel:Ron Weinreich – Love Is One
Norway:Adelen – Bombo
Romania:Electric Fence – Emilia
Switzerland:Carrousel – J’Avais Rendez-vous
Germany:LaBrassBanda – Nackert
Italy:Antonio Maggio – Mi Servirebbe Sapere
Spain:ESDM – Atrevete
Sweden:Yohio – Heartbreak Hotel

Voting is underway, the deadline is on 30th of June. We expect that we can receive at least 20 sets of 1-8,10,12 votes. Luckily we have now received 6 sets of votes.

China’s vote for Eurovision 2013 !

24 May

Chinese Eurovision fans have voted for their favorite entry of ESC 2013. The voting has ended on 11th of May, However, due to online censorship, we cannot post the result until now when the administrator is again working out of China.

We have collected 33 votes, 4 more than the anterior edition. Plus a summary of song rating period in our baidu post bar, which put an extra 1-8, 10 and 12 to the most highly rated entries, the result turned to be as follows:


You may know how each of us voted through this link:


Congratulations to Denmark and Emmelie


01. Denmark 216
02. Switzerland 122
03. Germany 114
04. Sweden 110
05. Norway 99
06. Iceland 90
07. Italy 87
08. Spain 86
09. San Marino 82
10. Netherlands 71
11. Belarus 70
12. Austria 69
13. Russia 69
14. Ukraine 53
15. Georgia 47
16. Finland 46
17. Estonia 44
18. Romania 40
19. Moldova 39
20. Bulgaria 38
21. United Kingdom 36
22. Azerbaijan 34
23. Greece 34
24. Malta 28
25. Slovenia 24
26. Israel 22
27. FYR Macedonia 22
28. Cyprus 18
29. Ireland 18
30. France 15
31. Serbia 13
32. Croatia 12
33. Montenegro 10
34. Armenia 10
35. Hungary 9
36. Albania 6
37. Latvia 5
38. Belgium 3
39. Lithuania 3

China Submits its Vote to OGAE – ROW: 12 Points to Denmark

2 Apr

Today we submitted our vote to the OGAE Rest of World in order to do it before the deadline of the 4th of April. As we didn’t require our community members to identify themselves with real names, one by one submission is not possible. We have to submit a collective vote instead.

Yesterday we received 2 more votes and make the total vote number increase to 28. The latest two twelve points until now were awarded to Switzerland and Italy, respectively. Thus changed dramatically the result in the last time. So, our current ranking turns to be as follows:


1.- Denmark  160 ———————12

2.- Switzerland  102 ——————–10

3.- Germany  94 ——————-8

4.- Italy  84 ————————-7

5.- Sweden  82 ——————-6

6.- Spain  76 ———————-5

7.- Iceland  72 ——————–4

8.- Norway  67 ——————-3

9.- San Marino  66 (11 voters) ——2

10.- Belarus  66  (9 voters) ———1


11.- The Netherlands  53

12.- Ukraine  52

13.- Austria  49

14.- Georgia  47

15.- Russia  45

16.- Estonia  39

17.- Moldova  37

18.- Romania  35

19.- Finland  33

20.- United Kingdom  31

.- Bulgaria  31

.- Greece  31

.- Malta  31

24.- Azerbaijan  25

25.- FYR Macedonia  18

.- Israel  18

27.- Slovenia  17

28.- Cyprus  14

29.- Serbia  13

30.- Croatia  12

31.- Ireland  11

32.- Montenegro  10

.- Armenia  10

.- France  10

35.- Hungary  9

36.- Lithuania  6

37.- Belgium  5

38.- Latvia  5

39.- Albania  0

So currently we give:

12  Denmark

10  Switzerland

8  Germany

7  Italy

6  Sweden

5  Spain

4  Iceland

3  Norway

2  San Marino

1  Belarus

However, our voting is far from over. Those who have missed this round of voting can still vote in the coming days, but will make no influence on OGAE Rest of World voting. The final result of China’s ESC Community will be published on the 11th of May.

4 More votes Presented: Iceland Awarded Double 12 Points

30 Mar

In the past two days we have received 4 more votes, thus making the total number of votes to 23. In those 4 votes, two 12 points were awarded for Iceland, and one for Finland and Russia respectively, making Iceland’s way into our Top 10. Also, Spain got more points and ended in a draw with Germany and Switzerland with 76 points.

So, the overall ranking is now as follows:

1.- Denmark  128
2.- Germany  76
.- Switzerland  76
.- Spain  76
5.- Belarus  60
.- Italy  60
.- Iceland  60
8.- San Marino  56
9.- Sweden  53
10.- Norway  49
11.- The Netherlands  48
12.- Russia  45
13.- Ukraine  41
14.- Austria  40
15.- Georgia  35
16.- Estonia  34
17.- Moldova  31
.- Greece  31
19.- Bulgaria  30
.- United Kingdom  30
21.- Malta  29
22.- Finland  26
23.- Romania  24
24.- Israel  18
25.- Slovenia  15
26.- Croatia  12
.- FYR Macedonia  12
.- Cyprus  12
29.- Serbia  11
.- Azerbaijan  11
31. Ireland  10
.- Montenegro  10
33.- Hungary  9
34.- France  7
35.- Lithuania  6
36.- Belgium  5

Entries without points: Albania, Armenia, Latvia